MLHS Fine Arts


The MLHS Art department is different. It exists to help students understand that art is a gift from God and to approach its creation through a Christian Worldview. It also exists to help Milwaukee Lutheran students think critically, creatively, and independently about the world around them while creating artwork and designs in the classroom or creating them side by side with a professional in the MLHS Art Academy program.  

The MLHS Art Department is evolving. The Art Department continues to give students new opportunities through an expanded design curriculum that includes Game & Web design classes, real business experience through the in-house Lutheran Printing Services program, a rebuilt 3D Art program, and the opportunity to see art in the world from downtown Paris, France to downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin through the MLHS Art Academy.  

One thing that has not changed at MLHS is Room 230. The room that most art students will call home during their 4-year art career at MLHS. For some students, this is where they are introduced to a real art class for the first time, and for some, this room is what motivated them to pursue artwork post-high school. With falling ceiling tiles and old classroom furniture, this is the only part that is not evolving and building into something different.  

Renovating this room, correction: re-creating this room will give students a better environment to start their art career at MLHS. A better environment to create, experiment, analyze & discuss, and a better environment for students to use their God-given gifts to glorify Christ.

Jason Crayton


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