Milwaukee Lutheran High School 22-23


Red Knight boys’ baseball strives to help our student-athletes grow spiritually, physically, and academically.  The life skills taught throughout the baseball season will last long after their playing days are over. To ensure these exceptional experiences for our baseball team, we ask for your support.  Why? 


Our Vision Statement says we will “ensure Exceptional Experiences” in athletics.  It is a bold statement that we strive to reach every day.  You may not live close enough to support us in attending our baseball games, but your financial support is essential in helping us achieve that exceptional experience we desire for our program. 


All gifts at any level are appreciated and get us one step closer to our vision.  This is an opportunity for alumni, parents, and community leaders like you to help strengthen our team by providing the necessary funding to ensure exceptional experiences for our athletes.  If we meet our team goal, your gift will not only provide general support for our program but help us secure a Memphis Net and Twine batting cage net and screens.


“Our Red Knight Baseball program has been blessed to serve many, many students, and families throughout its proud history.  Having been a part of the program for 20 years as a player and coach, there is a tangible joy and pride felt as I connect with former teammates, players, and families.  Our program’s tradition is something our current players and coaches strive each practice and game to uphold and become a part of.  While we’ve had some tremendous success on the field, it’s the lifelong connection between teammates, coaches, parents, and fans, rooted in CHRIST, that amazes me most.  God has orchestrated these connections, using the beautiful sport of baseball as a medium.  On behalf of our coaches and players, know that we hold high the honor of continuing that storied tradition, and we thank you for your willingness to support the future of Red Knight Baseball!  With you, we celebrate the VICTORY won for us by CHRIST, and we use our talents and abilities to glorify HIM!  May you be blessed as you have blessed us with your prayers and support!  Go Red Knights!”

John Ellenberger (MLHS ’03), Head Coach, Red Knight Baseball

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