Milwaukee Lutheran High School 22-23

MLHS/LCL Boys Tennis Co-Op

The Boys Tennis Co-op needs your support. We are looking forward to another tennis season, and the athletes from Milwaukee Lutheran and Lake Country Lutheran are ready to do their best.  To ensure exceptional experiences for our tennis team, we ask for your support.  Why?

Our Vision Statement says we will “ensure Exceptional Experiences” in athletics.  It is a bold statement that we strive to reach every day.  You may not live close enough to support us in attending our tennis matches, but your financial support is important in helping us achieve that exceptional experience we desire for our program.

All gifts at any level are appreciated and get us one step closer to our vision.  This is an opportunity for alumni, parents, and community leaders like you to help strengthen our team by providing the necessary funding to ensure exceptional experiences for our athletes.  If we meet our team goal, your gift will not only provide general support for our program but help us secure outdoor team gear for the squad.


“Thank you to our tennis families for your continued support of our co-op boys’ tennis program between Lake Country Lutheran and Milwaukee Lutheran.  We have competed with top teams in the state of Wisconsin, both Division 1 and Division 2, and you all have been a major factor in this opportunity.  We look forward to another fabulous season, particularly with the camaraderie built amongst our many returning seniors who have positively influenced our beginning players.  Come out and watch this season as they hit laser beam groundstrokes, crisp volleys, and smashing overheads!  It will be an adventure.  Thank you for your support of the program!”


Rob Seder-LCL, Head Coach, Boys Tennis Co-op
Dante Gutter-MLHS, Head Coach, Boys Tennis Co-op

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